Turning Trauma into Power

I am extremely grateful to all of you who are interested in learning about the Resilient Her Movement. This is how it started.

The circumstances of my life have allowed me to witness many heartbreaking events. I have seen gross human rights violations against women and children first-hand. As a child laborer, I survived the intense slavery and suffering of corporate sweatshops. I am also the first women to escape forced marriage in my remote, undocumented village.

All of these things were nearly unbearable by themselves. But to take them on together in a single life has been quite a unique opportunity. There was one thing that allowed me to survive these experiences and become stronger. I learned to be resilient. This resilience as a woman facing slavery, social conditioning, inequality, and poverty has defined who I am and my mission. I spent years building up my resilience through my actions, and this resilience allowed me to survive intense slavery and suffering in corporate sweatshops.

My resilience is also the very foundation I was able to build upon as a young women entrepreneur, helping thousands of women take control of their lives. The time of women oppressing each other is over. It’s our responsibility now to remake and deprogram the stigmas and belief systems that have suppressed us for centuries. We can no longer wait for someone else to make these changes. It’s directly our responsibility to take control of our lives, not just for our own wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of the planet. We must face our fears. We must be resilient.

I challenge each one of you to take the time tonight to think back on a memory of being suppressed because you were a woman, and the resilience it took for you to overcome it.

Share these stories under the #ResilientHer and remind every woman that resilience is alive inside of her.